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We are extremely proud to have 8 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals in our firm. They are fully equipped to look at a client's total portfolio and advise on the necessary adjustments to ensure long term and sustainable growth in wealth for the client.

Our investment team is led by Guillaume Oberholzer. Guillaume is a CFP® professional. He specialises in investments, especially shares, local as well as offshore. He is joined by Kobus Lourens (managing director and founder) as well as Marius Hugo (independent stockbroker) on the investment committee. Together, they manage more than R 1.3 billion worth of investments and ensure that our clients' investments are well looked after.

Our philosophy is to not try any funny business. Stick to quality investments that will deliver a return over the long run and ensure that risk is managed.

The investment arm has 3 staff currently in training to become CFP® professionals. This is to ensure continuity and a high level of knowledge in the business.

Contact Guillaume if you need help with any of the following:

Guillaume Oberholzer
028 514 1102
Ferdi Jacobs
021 914 9604
Johann Swart
028 514 1102
Gert Kalis
021 914 9604
Susan Conradie
028 514 1102