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COVID-19 Relief
In these uncertain times with the coronavirus crisis, we want to share the following information with you.
24 April 2020
Estate Administration
Reghardt Draper
The Master's Final Requirements
15 April 2020
Lessons from the past
Guillaume Oberholzer
Fear and uncertainty is contagious.
3 April 2020
Insurance against power surges caused by load shedding
Bert Kleinhans
Load shedding poses an insurance risk.
25 February 2020
Is cash the long-term answer?
Guillaume Oberholzer
Prices for risk assets are at long-term lows. Don’t miss the sale and certainly don’t sell on the sale.
23 January 2020
Liquidation and Distribution Account
Reghardt Draper
The liquidation and distribution account is one of the most important steps in the estate administration process.
27 November 2019
How Do I Explain Short-Term Share Price Volatility?
Guillaume Oberholzer
During the third quarter... investors' courage and patience slipped into their shoes.
4 November 2019
Estate Administration
Reghardt Draper
Advertisements and Estate Finances
13 September 2019
Pen on paper
Business Breakdown and Loss of Profit Insurance
Bert Kleinhans
Business breakdown insurance is important in any company's planning.
19 August 2019
Laptop on desk
Estate Administration
Reghardt Draper
Letter Of Executorship
7 July 2019
People meeting together
Estate Administration
Reghardt Draper
Reporting The Estate
21 May 2019
Reading glasses
Focus On The Long Term
Guillaume Oberholzer
Q1 Y19
9 April 2019
Coffee shop
But Surely POPI Is Not Applicable To My Small Business?
It most certainly is – no business, no matter the size, is exempt from POPI!
26 March 2019
Pen on paper
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D & O)
Bert Kleinhans
Directors and officers liability insurance in the short term insurance industry...
15 February 2019